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Seylis specializes in producing high quality website at affordable prices. Our websites are professional, fast, and easy to use and produce results.

The cost depends on your actual website requirements and what you want to achieve in reaching your target audience.   We understand that every customer has special needs for his site; we will make suggestions and recommendations to ensure the success of your website.  We will communicate with you during the development of your project to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

Our customers regularly benefit from the strategic thinking and creative solutions of our experts.

We offer a wide range of services which are:

• Specialized website design

• Database creation &implementation

• Content Management System

• Ecommerce Development

• Optimization or SEO

• Use social media to build the online reputation of our customers.

• Website maintenance.

You will find below a categorization of internet websites that seylis produce.

Basic website

5 to 7 pages including the contact page and forms.  Complete design  and logo production.

Site for the small and Medium business

8 to 18 pages including the contact page and forms.  Complete design and logo production. Multilingual, social media plugins & blog.

Site for the large enterprise

Large site up to 50 pages including contact page and forms. Complete design and logo production. Multilingual, social media plugins & blog. After the development, you will receive a tutorial on “How to update your website”. You will then be able to change content easily with no programming skill.  

Content Management system (CMS)

Basic CMS

Software installation, database setup, custom designed template plus 7 pages of content to start with, SEO, user guide, and submission to the major [free] search engines. 4 hours tutorial.   

Enterprise CMS

This package is designed for business/enterprise websites delivering lots of content. Ideal for multiple editors or contributors of a single site. Includes up to 25 pages of content with all features of the basic CMS package as mentioned above. 


 Installation and configuration of e-commerce.  Installation of tools that will allow you to easily maintain your site. We will build your online catalog and publish up to 100 products at the delivery.  After the development you will be able to add unlimited categories and products. This package also includes  social media plugins , blogs and reviews. 


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